Friday, September 29, 2017

NSGC Impressions

The start of NSGC.
Our second years were able to attend the NSGC conference in Columbus, Ohio this year. Each one of them has a unique perspective on the event and what it meant to them.

My first NSGC conference was amazing! I had a blast spending time with my classmates, listening to lots of interesting talks and poster presentations, and catching up with my friends and colleagues from other programs, many of whom I hadn’t seen since interview season 2016. It was inspiring and humbling to be sharing the space (and the week!) with so many amazing genetic counselors in the field who I look up to (and hope to become one day), and a much needed reminder of what I am working towards. - Julia Stone

It was wonderful to be surrounded by other people with similar interests and experiences, but very

different perspectives and approaches. I was reminded again why I am so excited about genetic counseling, and my stress about finding a job was replaced with enthusiasm! Of course, bonding and spending time with my classmates, supervisors, and program directors was one of the best parts. I’m looking forward to joining Special Interest Groups and giving back to the GC community! - Kaitlin Sullivan

The NSGC conference was amazing! Sitting in the huge lecture hall amongst hundreds of genetic
No NSGC is complete without a water bottle.
counselors, I felt awestruck and proud to finally be a part of NSGC. The workshops and panels helped me to learn about a variety of pertinent topics in genetics and gain a better understanding of NSGC’s goals and current agenda. - Joya Petersen

I enjoyed my first NSGC conference. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision while in the GC/MPH program, but this conference reminded me about what all of us (students) are working towards, the community we’re now a part of, and the families and individuals we’re doing this for. - Emily Mazzei

I remember thinking halfway through the NSGC conference, “I’ve found my tribe.” It’s incredible to be surrounded by so many people passionate about the field of genetic counseling and to see everyone come together to work on professional development at NSGC. That being said, the NSGC conference was one of the most exhausting experiences I’ve ever had. There was so much information to take in and so many things to do in Columbus. There was never a dull moment! I’m looking forward to my next NSGC conference. - Meg Hager

My first NSGC conference experience won’t be my last.  I had an opportunity to meet other genetic counselors with interests similar to mine, and the experience was amazing.  For me, this conference was all about taking in the experience.  I went to some seminars and heard about really interesting topics related to genetic counseling, but I spent most of my time talking with others at the conference.  I talked with people who shared my interest in issues like Direct to Consumer (DTC) testing, VUS reclassifications, insurance fraud, new testing options, and so many more topics.  I made contacts that will help me find a job when I graduate and help me complete my thesis project so I can graduate.  I found myself utterly exhausted at the end of each day, but eager to do it again in the morning.  - Seth Lascurain
An interactive art piece at the Greater Columbus
Convention Center featuring one of our second-
year students.

The NSGC conference was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other genetic counselors from all over the country. It was exciting to be surrounded by so many other people who share passions and experiences, especially being on the threshold of the profession. I was thankful for the chance to learn so many new and exciting things from the leaders in our field. - Emily Spoth

I loved learning about all of the current advancements as well as participating in discussions regarding professional issues in our field. I now have a better understanding of ways to get involved in our national society. The conference was also a great opportunity for networking! - Claire Leifeste

The NSGC conference was a good opportunity to look towards the future, and speak with potential employers in a casual, uncontrived environment. - Jenni Peck

I really enjoyed my experience at the NSGC conference! There was so much information, and on so many different subjects, that we were all able to really tailor our time there to our own interests. It was also a great opportunity to learn about different things you can be as a genetic counselor, and make connections for going into the field in whatever capacity you choose. - Julia Verbiar

I loved being able to attend the various talks and meetings that happened during the conference. Hearing discussions between counselors with a variety of different professional experiences made me even more excited to become a part of such a dynamic field. Visiting the booths in the exhibit hall also reinforced the wide variety of different career opportunities and resources currently available to genetic counselors. The Pitt alumni dinner was also one of the highlights. Seeing how successful Pitt graduates have been helped to remind me how grateful I am to be receiving such a strong educational foundation. - Jaclyn Amurgis

-- The Class of 2018

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