Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Favorite Things About Pittsburgh

When taking a break from our studies, we try to take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Here are some of the things that the Class of 2017 loves about Pittsburgh. 

Festivals and Events 

There are a lot of festivals and events going on throughout the city, especially at the Point and stadiums in the summer and fall. It's a fun atmosphere: people, music, entertainment, and food! A Pittsburgh favorite is Jam on Walnut which takes place during summer! Walnut Street shuts down and basically becomes a one-stop shop for food, drinks, and live music. However, with things going on every month, there is just no way to mention all of them, so be sure to check out the schedule for the year. 
Photo by AlpineInc


Pittsburgh is definitely a sports town with the Steeler, Pirates, and Penguins all located here. Pitt students often take advantage of discounted tickets to games. The Pitt football team shares Heinz field with the Steelers, so you get to watch school games in an NFL stadium. 

Repurposed Churches

Given the history of the city, many businesses like to reuse existing buildings in order to preserve the architecture. This also includes churches! Two good ones are the Church Brew Works which is a restaurant-microbrewery and Mr. Smalls Theater for live music.

Green Spaces 

Even though Pittsburgh is a city there are a ton of parks. During spring and summer, visiting Schenley or any of the other parks feel like a nice getaway without having to get of out town. There are a lot of great, safe trails to explore. It's relaxing to sit in the grass on a nice sunny day with a book. Plus there are free yoga classes at each of the parks on different days of the week. 
Photo by An Errant Knight 


Pittsburgh is a very active city. With Healthy Ride stations set up throughout the city, it's easy and cheap to rent a bike to commute or explore. There are a ton of runners in the city, regardless of the weather. You can hit the road solo or with one of the running groups. 

Food and Culture

The Strip and the Cultural districts feed your inner foodie. There are so many fun grocery and specialty shops to explore all in one place, it’s truly a cooking enthusiast's delight! If you don’t feel like washing dishes though, there are a ton of restaurants so there are always new places to try - it seems like every ethnicity is represented! 
Dinner at Hofbrauhaus