Friday, March 17, 2017

Thoughts for Interviewees from Current Students

1. Congratulations!

You have an interview! Take a moment to celebrate this achievement. Applications take significant time and effort – writing personal statements, getting recommendations, and sending out copies of your transcripts. All that work has paid off and has resulted in an interview, make sure to enjoy it before tackling the next steps.

2. Come with questions

The interviews are a way for you to learn more about the program than you can read from the website. You are interviewing the program just as much as they are interviewing you. Are any of your interviewers alumni? Ask them why they chose the program, how it has changed, and where they see it going. Some of our favorite questions were:

  • What makes the program unique?
  • How can I personalize my learning experience?
  • How many cases do students typically see?

3. Talk to current students

Current students can give you an important perspective of what life in the program would be like including activities outside of classes and rotations. Find out what’s everyone’s favorite hangout spot. Where do students live? How affordable is the area? Do students work? In addition, it’s fun to meet future colleagues!

4. Explore the city

Especially near campus. You’re going to spend at least two years wherever you decide to go. Are there interesting things to do? Is it easy to get around? Try out some of the public transportation. Check out some of the local parks and unique sites.

5. Keep a list 

And update it as you complete your interviews. It’s handy to have a priority list before Decision Day arrives.  You can keep in mind factors that are important to you when making a decision.

Our biggest advice would be to just breathe, be yourself, and have fun!

Best of luck,

Classes of 2017 and 2018

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