Saturday, October 1, 2016

NSGC's Annual Education Conference 2016 Reflections

The 2016 was the Class of 2017's first full Annual Education Conference. Between the breakout education session, exhibition booths, ever growing job board, and overall atmosphere of excitement, it is nearly impossible to pick what was the most valuable or favorite moment. Below are are few of the many great experiences our students had.

It was amazing and energizing to see the wide variety of specialties and expertise of our profession presented in one place. - Kavitha Kolla

I really enjoyed the alumni dinner. I was able to get great input about jobs in some of the different areas that I'm considering. Plus it was lovely to meet others who attended the program. - Emily Griffenkranz

I enjoyed hearing about the latest research in psychiatric genetics and neurogenetics.  I’m looking forward to growth and additional job opportunities in these fields! - Michelle Morrow

I really enjoyed the Exhibition booths because I liked collected resources about specific diseases and learning about services and support groups for patients - Emily Massiello

I loved Matt Might’s talk about how he used social media to aid in the diagnosis of his son’s rare disease. It meant a lot to see one parent advocate as much as he could for his child and in that process establish connection between advocacy groups, researchers, and families. - Sam Wesoly

My favorite part of NSGC was Dr. Belinda Fu’s presentation. I loved how she exposed herself to show the importance of being mindful when talking to patients. She led an engaging talk I know will be able to utilize in my practice. - Brooke Hornak 

I found both future and current presidential speeches inspiring and took away a beautiful message to stay true to yourself while also always pushing yourself to be more - Anna Zakas

There were so many great talks at NSGC, but there was just no way to attend all of them. However, by dividing up session with classmates and meeting up later to discuss them, I don't feel like I missed out on anything and I had an opportunity to both learn and teach my classmates. - Christine Munro

It was so wonderful to see how much the profession has grown and how many opportunities are available to us. You really can take genetic counseling in so many different directions. It was also really great to network, especially with all of our successful alumni - Leslie Walsh

The most valuable thing to me was realizing how much I have learned from the program and rotations. Sitting through the lectures and sessions I felt like I had a good idea if the topics and issues discussed. - Sara Blankenship

I loved seeing so many genetic counselors in one spot. It was wonderful to meet future colleagues and build professional relationships. - Bryony Lynch

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